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Bug Pro Pest Control provides complete pest management services for both single and multi-site businesses. From food and beverage processing plants to hotels and facilities management, we have the experience and knowledge to protect your company, personnel and customers from pests.

The smallest of pest problems can have major consequences on your brand name and bottom line. Our industry-leading commercial pest control solutions support legislative and auditing requirements, protect valuable products and equipment and protect your brand reputation.

Commercial Pest Services

Bug Pro’s commercial service encompasses all areas which includes multi-family units, offices, restaurants, stores, schools, government, hospitality and warehouses. Our service specialists get the highest level of training.

The Bug Pro Difference
The benefit of our service is determined by your total satisfaction. Picking Bug Pro Pest Control is a statement that your quality standards are high and that you require nothing but the absolute best service for your customers, visitors, and/or personnel. Your complete satisfaction is our promise.

Quality Assurance
We back our Integrated Pest Service with our Quality Assurance program, which ensures your pest management service meets our high quality standards and your own.

Our Professional Personnel
Each commercial pest professional is given advanced training and will be able to identify possible sources of pest infestation and communicate with on-site supervisors regarding corrective measures. Each service professional is constantly given training with the most updated technology available to assure success and client complete satisfaction.

Bug Pro recognizes its people as its strongest asset. Our expectations are high which is why we are committed to quality in every aspect of our business. To attain our objectives, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service. Our customer’s reputation is always our main focus, our success is determined by client complete satisfaction.

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Regular Commercial Pest Control Questions

How can I tell if I have a pest problem?

Every pest problem leaves behind some sign of the pest’s inhabitance. Try to find gunk or other accumulations on walls, smeared droppings, or bite damage on material and paper. See if you can smell odd odors in your basement, crawlspace, or attic. Investigate pest-prone locations on a regular basis to search for changes.

What is provided in pest control services?

Pest control experts get rid of these bugs, rodents and other pests from households, apartment buildings, workplaces, and other structures, to protect individuals and keep structural integrity. Common pests include roaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, spiders, and ants.

How to remove pests from your establishment

Dumpsters can be a magnet for pests because they offer a consistent source of food and water for flies, rodents and roaches. Without caution, these pests can find their way from the dumpster to your facility. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Keep your dumpster a minimum of 50 feet away from the establishment and a minimum of 100 feet from the closest entry way. Cleaning your dumpster regularly will help minimize problems, especially if you detect odors originating from the dumpster. Covers will also help to lock out undesirable pests.

How to eliminate pests from your building

Without a doubt, the absolute best approach to protect your property is by incorporating prevention strategies into your daily practices. This is both a crucial action and effective strategy when it concerns protecting against pests. Regular cleaning is a must, but there are also some specifics that can aid in protecting against pests or animals. Here are some prevention strategies to practice at your establishment:

 – Get rid of any sources of shelter, food or water.
 – Keep items in safe and enclosed containers.
 – Dispose of garbage routinely with a tightly closed cover.
 – Reduce mess or locations where pests can hide.
 – Seal and close off any gaps or holes to get rid of external entry.
 – Perform regular cleaning and surveying from the roof to the basement floor.

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